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    Taino Jewelry

    Handmade Jewelry: Petroglyph-Style Pendant Collection

    This timeless collection of handmade necklace pendants features solid copper medallions; styled and textured to mimic stone petroglyphs. All jewelry is handcrafted so you can be sure that you're getting a one-of-a-kind item. No two pieces are identical.

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    The Taínos, Guanín and Copper

    The metal that was most valued by the Tainos was called Guanín, which was more precious than gold to the indigenous communities of the Caribbean.

    The name Guanín is from the language of the Taíno people. Unlike other indigenous cultures of the Americas, the Tainos did not know the process of melting metals.

    Guanín was not natural accruing, therefore highly prized by the Tainos for its rarity, reddish color, brilliant shine, and unique smell which they correlated with fertility.

    Findings of metallic objects associated with Taino amulets and necklaces were analyzed to show that the alloy consisted of 85% copper. Other metals mixed were gold and silver.

    To the Tainos, Guanín had connotations with a divine origin, the spirit world and supernatural power.

    The Lasting Legacy of the Tainos

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    The petroglyphs scattered throughout the Caribbean are of profound sacredness. These timeless symbols are not adornments. They awaken an enigmatic wisdom we all carry deep within, from times long past.

    “These jewelry pieces pay homage to those markings left behind by the Tainos.”

    When you hold one of these solid copper pendants, pay close attention to the tiny indentations etched in its design. There’s an organic roughness that enhances the simple beauty of copper, which plastic jewelry cannot replicate.

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