Coqui from Heaven

Symbols in the Skies – The Coqui?

Since the Space Age, it has been discovered that the universe is made up of 99.99% plasma. This is known as plasma cosmology and was first established by Swedish scientist, Hannes Alfvén (1908-1995).

Plasma is often called the "Fourth State of Matter. Plasma is a state of matter that starts as a gas and then becomes ionized allowing ions and electrons to coexist.

Plasma is found in the entire universe, fire is plasma, florescent lights, the sun and stars, lightening, North and South Pole auroras are all plasmas. Ejections of plasma from the sun hit the earth's magnetic field creating distorted magnetic disturbances in the earth's sky.

Some scientists believe that thousands of years ago the earth experienced violent atmospheric storms. These storms produced glowing auroras in the skies which made a lasting impression in the psyche of our ancient ancestors.

Coqui Symbol in Question

Could it be possible that what many believe to represent the famous native frog “El Coqui” was first seen in the sky by a climatic event?

Below is a short but intriguing video (Courtesy of Thunderbolts Project) which recreates possible images seen by ancient cultures. Compare if you will, the video with the petroglyphs on this page.

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