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Coqui Frog Coloring Book Page Download

Grab your fine tip markers or crayons as this Coquí coloring page has lots of intricate “tropical plants” designs. Fun for all kids, school students and adults alike.

Coqui Frog Puerto Rico

To download this free printable coloring book page, just click on this download link. The file format is in PDF and can be printed from any inkjet or laser printer.

Educational School Lesson:

The Coquí is a small tree frog that varies in color. These types of frogs can be brown, yellow, green, and gray on the top and the underneath side of their bellies is either white or yellow. Their eye color can also vary from gold to brown.

The scientific classification is the genus name Eleutherodactylus which is Ancient Greek for "free toes", as this species does not have webbing in between its toes.

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