Taino Word Find

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Learn some words of the indigenous people Christopher Columbus first encountered in the New World. This printable word finder puzzle hides 11 Taino words. Can you find them all?

Free Taino Word Find

Explore another time and place with this history worksheet that takes kids on a word-search from an ancient civilization.

Educational School Lesson:

Barbacoa – Means slow-cooked over an open fire. A word that “barbecue” derives from

Bohio – The type of home the Taínos built

Boricua – Means valiant people

Caribe – Meaning strong people

Cacique – A Taino chief

Casabi – Bread made from yuca root

Dujo – A short wooden chair with short legs

Fotuto – A wind musical instrument made from a sea shell

Iguana – The word is derived from the original Taino name iwana

Jurakan – The god of wind and storm

Mabí – A fermented beverage made from the bark of the Mabí tree

To download this free word-find puzzle, just use the download button. The file format is a PDF and can be printed from any inkjet or laser printer.

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